Last weekend I was in the Columbus with the degenerates from the Beer League Players Association when the idea of Arena food reviews was born. For a while people have told me I should do something like pizza reviews but the issue is that some other third rate sports blogger has already cornered the market on pizza reviews. Besides I’m not really a pizza reviewer.. more like a beer leaguer that loves a good slice… Not NY pie though.


In our drunken shit show in Columbus a few of the crew started talking up these huge pieces of bacon they had the Nationwide arena. As fate would have it we were headed to the Bluejackets game in 30 mins and it was decided we would search out this so called “super-bacon”. Who doesn’t love bacon right?  In our alcohol induced state of genius we figured why not film me eating it and giving my thoughts on bacon. Thus the first arena food review was born.

Funny thing about Nationwide Arena’s bacon on a stick is they only cooked 6 slices at a time. They will not let you pre-pay for a slice because “if we let people pre-pay then they would always be sold out”. To ensure that I got a piece of this juicy fatty pork from heaven I stood (aka stalked) right in front of the bacon cooking stone so I could grab one hot off the grill. Without further ado… Bacon on a stick