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Usually our featured jerseys have to do with sexual innuendos or immature bathroom humor, BUT NOT TODAY MY FRIENDS. No, No, No,No, No. Today my beer league buddies, I bring to you a wholesome good-natured jersey that will make you reminisce (this is a hard work to spell btw. Kudos to myself … even though spell check actually did the hard work) about your childhood.

If doing a reverse 1 and a half somersaults with 4 and a half twists off a diving board into a vault full of gold coins wasn’t on your pre-teen bucket list then you’re  not going to like this jersey… and you probably also didn’t have a good childhood. Duck Tales…. Mother F’in Duck Tales. What a great show made even better because it spawned these beauty set of jerseys.

This team based out of St. Louis is doing every thing right when they don this sweetness on the ice. The team name originally pinned for use as one of the player’s fantasy hockey team name instantly became adored by every one on the team. Once they decided to use the name Duck Tales they had to find the perfect jerseys. Taking inspiration from the Penguins and Nordiques, finding the perfect jerseys is exactly what they did. WOOO-OOOOH


You can find these guys over on twitter and even on their own Youtube page talking about sweet ass hockey jerseys.

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