What’s up Butt Babies? Yeah you…. Beer leaguer that was born out of his mom’s butt. Yeah you’re a real piece of shit!

That’s a good chirp, eh? You’re welcome to use it on the ice. After you destroy someone with it make sure to tell them where you heard it… Anyways, speaking of shit let’s talk about our Beer League Inc’s Bad Ass Beer League jerseys. (see more bad ass beer league jerseys). We have had some pretty ones but this is one of my favorites.


So.. what’s the best tasting thing after a hard fought beer league game? If you guessed “beer”, you’re right. What’s the 2nd best tasting thing? I bet you didn’t guess: chicken quesadilla with no creamy jalapeño sauce, 3 packs of mild sauce, and an ice cold Diet Baja Blast. If you did then we are now BFFs. If you didn’t it’s ok but I’m sure we both agree the answer to the question is undoubtedly Taco Bell (see I did day speaking of shit up there right? It taste good but we all know the end result of eating it)

This team from New York has undoubtedly one of beautifully themed sets of jerseys we have ever seen. We really like how they embrace their love of post game snacks. This team plays out of the Premier League in Long Island and prob has team’s drooling after every game. With jerseys like this… who wouldn’t want to play for Fourth Meal? Right JT…..


We caught up with the team GM to ask him about these jerseys.

Where did the team name come from and are you guys all Taco Bell lovers?

We’ve always been taco bell lovers and all grew up  together eatting TB. Taco Bell used to have a late night promotion a few years back when they first started staying open until 4am called the Fourth Meal.  Since we play most of our games late night and we ALWAYS eat taco bell afterwards it hit me  while hanging in the lot after one of our roller games

Can you give us a little info on the history of the team?

Our team is a huge family everyone’s known everyone for a long time and we all hang and golf on the off-season when we’re not tuckin pucks and chucking knucks

What’s your favorite Taco Bell Food?

Team favorites include Quesorito (no chipotle sauce) Cheesy Gordita Crunch and whatever the special is we always grab a few (naked chicken chalupa , nacho fries , beefy stacker).

We average a bill of $45-55 when the team bus (2000 Honda Odyssey) pulls up to TB after a game. Last night’s bill was $47

 The best beer league/locker room story you have?

In our 2nd game as 4th meal we played  against Subway.  We had a bench clearing brawl had to show em who the better fast food boys were.


Well you heard it hear first …. Taco Bell > Subway in fast food supremacy. We know for sure that the Subway team isn’t even in the same conversation when it comes to jerseys. One last look at these fuckin beauts!


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