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Week 4 Highlight Film


Defense wins championships but big time TD’s win games.

The Beer League U Aggies improved to 3-1 in their inaugural season after the traveled into SoCal and knocked off the Bruins. Led by their Defensive Captains Chris “Beer League God” Nall and Mike “Corndog” Covin the Aggies had 4 sacks and held the Bruins to only 10 pts.

On the other side of the ball the Freshman Phenom QB Nick Fleehart continues to shred defenses through the air. Fleehart tossed for 204 yards and a TD. While the Aggies focused on the path Randy “Meme” Bishop put up 33 yards. on the ground with a TD. He also added 9 receptions for 30 yards.  Fleehart says he owes all the praise to his offensive line and his receivers citing his WRs were really focused this week on being possession receivers. “Coach (Nicky Commish) told us all week that if we control the ball we will control the game. We all bought in and it brought us a big time win” said WR Jeff Peck.

The Aggies will looks to continue their winning way against San Diego State next week. This has all the makings of a trap game after a big win against UCLA.

BLPA Supporter Stats
Nick Fleehart – 21-26 for 204yds, 1 TD

Jeff Peck  – 1 receptions for 16 yds,

Dan Langendorfer – 3 receptions for 40 yds, 1 TD

Kyle “Big Dad” Thorton – 1 receptions for 7 yds

Randy Bishop –  10 rushes for 33  yds,  1TD ; 9 receptions for 30 yds

Camryn Bernier 1 reception for 25 yds

Mike Covin 3 tackles, 2 sacks

Devon Kay 2 reception for 27 yds

Gary Munson  2 tackles, 2 sacks