All of this talk about the Mark Scheifele hit on Jake Evans got me thinking to about other gruesome hits I’ve seen over the years from pro/semi pro/junior hockey. In case you live under a rock


I’ve decided to re-visit a few of these hits I remember. to see how they compare and if the suspensions were warranted. Let us start with a forward doing a goalie dirty.

In 2019, Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League has suspended Greg Mulhall of the Yorkton Terriers 25 games for this hit on goaltender Berk Berkeliev of the Melville Millionaires. Berkeliev had to receive treatment at a hospital for an injury sustained during the collision with Mulhall. At the time of writing, Berkeliev has been released from the hospital.

The question(s) here is whether the 25 games was warranted. Every goalie in the world, including my alter ego Nicky-Windmills, thinks this 25 games is too little. We think Mulhall should never play hockey again… Beer league included. Some “allegedly” more rational people (that don’t wear goalie equipment) question whether or not goalies should be fair game if they come outside the crease to play the puck. Let’s take a look.

Here is the hit on Berkeliev:

What a ride eh?

I guess a 2nd question exists also. How was this almost 2020 and this is potato quality video recording? It’s hard to tell even if the puck has left the goalie, if Mulhall maybe even tripped into the goalie. I mean the video is HORRIBLE.

I digress.. back to the original question(s) – should goalies be fair game if they come this far outside of the net? Was 25 games not enough, just right, or too much? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @TheBLPA.