We do these really rad tournaments all over the world. The are called Draft Experiences (#DEX). You don’t even need a team. You show up, you get put in a draft round, chug beers to be placed on a team, and then play 5 games over the next 2 days. Here’s is how the draft works.

The best part about a #DEX is the like-minded friends you meet from all over the world. You come out to one of our events and I can guarantee you’ll not only have the best hockey weekend you’ve ever had but you will start life-long hockey friendships. Don’t believe me? Here is a random review from reddit (check the comments). The 2nd best thing about these events are the sweet hockey jerseys and socks you get to keep. You can only get our kick ass jerseys by coming to the events. Our Boston tournament is August 7th – 9th at Porazzo Arena in East Boston.


For the Boston Draft Experience we are taking it all the way back to the 80’s…. not those 80’s. The 1780’s. Without further ado here is our first jersey reveal for the Boston Draft Experience. Meet Boy George


We are limited to 4 teams for our inaugural Boston Draft. We only have 29 spots left. Don’t miss out. You can register here