We do these really rad tournaments all over the world. The are called Draft Experiences (#DEX). You don’t even need a team. You show up, you get put in a draft round, chug beers to be placed on a team, and then play 5 games over the next 2 days. Here’s is how the draft works. Here is a random review from reddit (check the comments).

Every tournament has a theme unique to that event. We create  sweet hockey jerseys and socks you get to keep. You can only get our kick ass jerseys by coming to the events. Our Buffalo tournament is September 4th-6th at Hyde Park.

What is Buffalo known for? Bill Mafia…. well yes but even what is Buffalo more known for? Chicken Wings. You might think Buffalo Wild Wings are the best wings from Buffalo since they are now a worldwide brand but no one from Buffalo would agree. You could ask 50 Buffalonians and you’d probably get 50 different wing joint recommendations. Point is there are a ton of wing joints in Buffalo because Buffalo claims to have invented the buffalo wing.

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It is our duty as devout wing devouring beer leaguers to name the best wing joint in Buffalo. How will we do that? Easy… we will settle it on the ice. Winning wing joint gets the nod. So let us introduce the participants.

Jersey #1 is a wing joint that laughs at you if you ask for ranch dressing (which is the nectar of the Gods btw)