You probably think this is a click-bait title. Well unfortunately for you it’s not. We have a serious debate about to ensue.. I think.

A precursory warning: I know this image might leave us with more questions like Who, What When, Where, and Why…. I can’t answer those yet but I eventually will be able to. Maybe. Hopefully

Last night in our dressing room this piece of art/monstrosity showed up and it really got the boys a’ buzzin. Like the gold dress phenomenon or the great audio debate of Laurel or Yanni (whatever those debates were… they will pale in comparison) it had the locker room divided right down the middle. Thus it is my duty to present this to the beer league world to get a final verdict. I will not give you my answer as to not skew the results of this very scientific poll.

So… Is this a cowboy hat or a Vagina.