I know we are technically a sports site but this just felt right. I casually used the word “fun dip” for no reason when I announced the latest episode of our podcast on Facebook. And that threw me into some trippy daydream about my childhood. Fun Dips… those small bags of sugar that you lapped up with a stick made entirely of sugar. Wasn’t the candy we had when we were kids the best? Now that I’m an T1d adult having  a fun dip would seriously F me up for a couple hours. But it’s always nice to dream. Here are some candy from our youth that I’m sure we all miss. Please let me know what candy I might have missed.


1. Fun Dip –


2. Runts – They brought out chewy runts too but they weren’t the same. Chewy felt way better on your teeth but lost some of the flavor. Fuck the lemon and the banana ones btw.



3. Pop Rocks – The boys in the locker room always joked about giving these to their girlfriends but before that time it was just cool to open a package, pour it in your mouth, and then jump on your BMX to ride down to your buddy’s house.


4. Fruit Stripe Gum – My brother chewed this gum with the wrapper left on. Im not sure why, other than he was an idiot (he still is) but definitely reminds me of my youth.


5. Flavored Tootsie Rolls – They used to sell these things for a penny. A fucking penny. I can remember raiding the couch and running to the c-store on the corner to buy a bag of these. I sold them to my friends for 2 pennies.



6. Bubble Tape – You remember when you got in trouble in grade school for chewing gum in class? The teacher would always say some shit like “If you don’t have enough for everyone then get rid of it”. Well guess what teach I got a whole fucking roll here so lets get it.



7. Warheads – If you could do the sour war head challenge then you were a baller. I’m not talking about stick one warhead in your mouth for 30 seconds. I mean the challenge where you stuck a whole bag of warheads in your mouth for 1 minute. Sure you probably puked afterward but you were respected by all your bros.



Thats the top 7 that came to my mind and man do I want some candy now. It’s 2020 so you can’t really miss a candy anymore because they are all available. I linked each candy so you can buy them). But I can guarantee you candy you would buy today wouldn’t taste nearly as good as it did when you were 10 hanging at the pool with you buddies while on summer break. Man do I ever miss those days. Glad I used the term fun dip today. What a walk a down memory lane. Did I miss your favorite candy? Let me know.