Let’s talk about the Florida Draft Experience.

While a lot of us are stuck in the middle of winter, Florida is sunny and warm. We can’t wait to get down to Florida for some sun, some puck, and time with the DEXcrew.

We really love creating incredible jerseys for all of our tourneys. We are always looking for something cool and different that works for each individual tournament.  ( Want to learn more about how we draft?)

When we booked the Estero tournament we knew it was a week before the Super Bowl. We also knew the game was being played only one hour away from where we were playing our Draft Experience. It was a no-brainer to have a football related theme for our tournament. (You can register here)

But we couldn’t just stop at football. We had to make it unique. After chatting with our buddy Mark at 47 studios, we knew we had to bring one of his logo mash up themes to the beer league world.

Enter the greatest animated series in history. Some people claim this series blatantly “copied” the Simpsons on their way to being the best animated series in history. It wasn’t true. Maybe they were similar but this series forged its own path by doing things their own way. Much in the same vein, even though there are other draft styled tournaments that exist, The Draft Experience is forging it’s path. by doing things its own special way. This is why the Draft Experience is the best beer league experience in the world.

The crew Draft Experience combines their love of sport with respect for the players while sprinkling in the craziness of the Beer League Players Association, The Draft Experience has truly become a can’t miss event in the beer league scene. If you want to have the best tournament experience you’ve ever had, register before the tourney sells out.

So with that, we honor not only the super bowl but the greatest animated series in history with Super Family Dex theme!