Well I guess we are a goalie blog now. I mean it is 2020 and the year of the goalie……  things could be worse. We could be a political blog. Nonetheless, we are searching for the greatest beer league save in history. One thing I have found enjoyable is goalies chirping the other saves posted. I thought goalies were supposed to stick together. I guess when a huge prize of $0 is on the table for having the best save in beer league history all loyalties are off.

I think all the saves so far are great. I don’t think they are all the greatest but we all have our own opinions. For all those yappers sending me messages criticizing the save and chirping me for posting one “that clearly isn’t the greatest save ever”: Have you ever watched American Idol? Even the shit singers we laugh at are on the show called “American Idol”. We are compiling the saves to find the greatest one. So get over it and send in your save so I can laugh at you.

As for this save… I like it, he stopped a scoring point blank scoring chance but it could have used more windmill. That is basically my advice to all goalies.. When in doubt, more windmill.

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Also shoutout to Premiere Hockey Tournaments for this video…. and shameless plug to our tournaments too.