My team got beat 10-3 last night. Yeah we got bodied (insert excuse about ringers and refs here). Honestly and I’m not knocking our guy but we need to find a better way to keep pucks out of our net. I think we have found it. We might never get beat again.

Have you ever heard a goalie say “We play for free because you can’t play without a goalie”?  Sorry goalies the jig is up.



  • We no longer have to try to find a goalie to pay and/or bring beer in lieu of league fees
  • We will never again have that sick feeling in our gut when an actual goalie hasn’t shown up and it’s 15 minutes until game time
  • We will win every game henceforth



  • No goalie to blame losses on (we still have refs and other team’s ringers) but we will never lose anyway
  • We might only score 1 or 2 goals a game


You can thank us later after your team wins the league championship using this style!


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