As a guy who scores his fair share of goals , like 2 a season barring injury, I can tell you the most frustrating thing in beer league is getting robbed by a goalie. Ok maybe the 2nd most. That jerk off that forgot to bring beer is #1. But you know what I am talking about, the times you get the puck on your stick (probably shocked you caught the pass) and look up only to find the goalie is out of position. If you’re like me you’ve already had this upcoming celly planned out for like 3 weeks. You let loose a shot with all you’ve behind it yet somehow that sumabitch tendy somehow keeps it out of the back of his net.

You’re left to stare at the heavens and mumble to yourself. You probably brush it off as blind luck. How did that out of shape 4o year old goalie move that fast? What you would call blind luck I call showmanship. Beer leaguers robbing beer leaguers on the ice make for the best video and I want to find the best save in beer league history. Here is one sent in that is a serious contender.

Yes I know its 2020 and it looks like the rink is still using a 1985 VHS camcorder mounted to the glass but don’t that let that detract you from the pure larceny here.


Send us your saves goalies. Ohhh and 2020 is the year of the goalie.