It’s 2020 and it’s the year of the goalie.


Ok officially I tweeted this last night but I’ve been saying it since 01/01/20. Crease Keepers and a number of incredible big fluffy pillow-clad hockey players can confirm. Nonetheless…. We all know scoring beautiful goals is easy when you got the silky mitts like me.

You know what’s not easy in 2020?

Stopping pucks.

A group of hockey players from Vancouver sent us a save that I thought was probably one of the best beer league saves of all time. It got me to thinking… if this video exists, maybe more incredible beer leaguers that patrol their team’s crease have been captured doing things their bodies aren’t supposed to do at their age. So I’m on a quest to find and crown the best beer league save EVER!

Do you have a submission? Send it to us. Facebook, Twitter are probably your best bet. Probably not too many tendys on Pinterest but I know how vain goalies are. There are probably thousands of goalies pinning pictures of themselves in their sweet setups right now. I’m not dogging ya tendys. It’s 2020… DO YOUR THANG!

Without further ado…. Contestant #1 for the Best Beer League Save EVER!



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