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Yeah, I got done with my job searching, went for a walk did some yoga, and now I want to do this to keep my head occupied.

So I wanted to do the top Wrestler Entrance themes, the Themes that were creative, made people jump up to their feet to cheer or boo, sounded cool, sounded intimidating or just fit the wrestlers personalities. Some were written by the companies for the wrestlers, some were songs that we knew well that just worked. In this shortened list, I’ll include some thoughts on the entrances themselves.

1) The Undertaker – Rest In Peace

this one is unique, the reason why I say that is it wouldn’t work without the entrance, the smoke, the slow walk, the rising of the hands to raise the house lights. Many wrestlers have talked about standing in the ring while getting for real and actual goose bumps or feeling intimidated.


2) Stone Cold Steve Austin – Glass Shattered/Rattlesnake/I won’t do what you tell me

One of the most suited theme songs that I think was created, and it reflected Steve Austin so well. His entrance was uniquely suited to it with a Cold Eyed Steve Austin coming through the curtains to the smashing glass and crushing guitar and base, and he simply marched to the ring glaring at his next victim.



3) CM Punk – Cult of Personality

Originally when Wrestler themes started happening Wrestlers used to just use established songs. Stampede Wrestling really lead the way, and they had Bruce Hart coming out to Heartbreak tonight. But the WWE went away from it as they hired talented song writers like Jimmy Johnson. When CM Punk did his I guit angle, he made his return to Cult of Personality and it worked so well for him.


4) Harlem Heat/booker T – Rap Sheet

Usually WCW just got theme songs wrong, Jericho pointed it out as he got generic boy band theme in his book. But once in a while they got it right and the Harlem Heat Theme created great pops, especially at the start with the Yes No and manical laughter


5) Ricky Steamboat – Sirius

While not designing Lasers for the moon, the Alan Parsons Project created some great themes, and I always loved this song, Also if you watch this video the pop that Steamboat receives and the music just work (starting at 4:15)


6) The Rock – Electrifying

Again a theme that matches the wrestler perfectly. The whole arena errupts if you smell what the wrong is cooking, and the whole music line reflects the cool factor of the Rock so well. His return as host of wrestlemania was so perfect.


7) Chris Jericho – Break the wall down.

Chris Jericho’s debut was smoking hot from the countdown clocks for the months leading up to it, to his actual debut. But Jericho who is talented musically always seems to have great themes. I love the countdown or the solve the code, followed by the shouting Break the Walls down.


8) Bret Hart – Hart Attack

There have been a lot of versions of Hart Attack and it continues to change. But his mid solo late 90’s version was great and again worked for Bret’s someone business like approach to wrestling. But the duh duh duh guitar squeal was amazing.


9) Legion of Doom – What a Rush

I was torn on this one because in AWA Legion of Doom came to the ring to Iron Man, but their WWF theme was iconic with the Oh what a Rush followed by a almost bluesy guitar attack. At one point this was one of the most intimidating entrances in all of wrestling


10) Sandman – Enter Sandman

ECW either used well known music, or fairly generic themes but nothing made the fans jump like Enter Sandman. Sandman himself wasn’t much of a wrestler, and was a sub par brawler but he was like Jake the Snake in that he understood how the fans work.


Honorable mentions

Jake the Snake – Slither

I just loved this theme song and it was iconic for its time and just sounded like a Snake slithering under your bed


Brock Lesnar

I love its entrance the start of it is completely bad ass, and its deep baseline makes your heart pound, and you know that #### is about to go down.


Paul Heyman – ECW theme

It wasn’t his entrance music per say, but the ECW theme is ultimately Iconic and it makes your heart beat through your chest, it is bad ass to those that think they are bad ass. I dare you to listen to this and not want to power bomb your dad through a table