You’ve heard the expression, “Excuses are like buttholes, everyone’s got ’em” right? Well, it is 100% true, especially in the beer league circuit. Every night a beer league game is played is another chance to test out new excuses. To be frank I’m all out of new excuses and would love to hear any original ones you have. Here are the most common excuses I have heard (….. and used) in beer league.

15. I would have scored but I got hooked on that play
14. I’m so freaking drunk right now
13. I’m trying out a different curve so my shots are all over the place
12. I thought my liney had the goal scorer
11. The Zam driver sucks. The puck is bouncing all over the place
10. This ice is too soft
9. This ice is too hard
8. The other team brought out ringers to beat us
7. Our goalie has to stop that shot
6. I would have caught him but I blew my knee out in Jr. B
5. You put me on the line with biggest plug on the team
4. I forgot to get my skates sharpened
3. This ref hates me
2. Pay my fees? … I forgot my checkbook at home. I’ll get ya next time

And last but not least.. this might be the most common and the most hated excuse by beer leaguers. If you’re someone who is going to use this… just stay home.

1. It was my turn for beer? I completely forgot!

There ya have it! Share this with someone who has used a few of these to let them know you’re on to them. Share your best excuses below in the comments.

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