Welcome to Beer League U.

What’s more college than chugging beers? College football of course. Just like most beginning beer leaguers out there the BLPA is starting our NCAA career with the worst team imaginable (New Mexico State) and trying to fulfill our dreams of becoming superstars.

Led by brand new head coach Nicky Commish, the Beer League U Aggies will have to grind their way to the top of college football Olympus. The squad is filled with a bunch of wanna-be unknowns. So unknown that the downloaded roster just named most X.X. Through the first season we will fill the roster with the names of the Beer League Players Association’s most loyal.

The BLU Aggies will get their first taste of big time college football right out of the gate in week 1 when they face off against college football royalty. The Aggies take a journey to Austin, TX where college football is bigger than most pro sports around the nation and face the University of Texas Longhorns. The Longhorns are the biggest brand in college football (self-proclaimed but it makes for a good story on this blog) and every year they get first shot at recruiting the Texas high school studs. On paper they are supposed to be one of the best programs in the nation but there is a reason we play the games. Can the Aggies start out their lives with a story book dream game?

Only one thing left to do ….. chug and then get this dynasty started.

Guess I should tell you where to watch these streaming morsels of excellence. We stream every day except Sunday and Thursdays.

Mon: 4:30pm MTN
Tues: 4:30pm MTN
Wed: 4:30pm MTN
Fri: 6:30pm MTN
Sat: 6:30pm MTN

We will stream 1 week (game) a day unless the fans (you) chant more, more, more! You can watch on Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch

If you want to go down in beer league history we can add your name to the roster for year #1. Hit us up and let us know you want to be “EA SPORTS IT’S IN THE GAME”