For Episode 44 of Tendy Talk presented by the BLPA Podcast Network and The Hockey Podcast Network, I chat with Nathan Hedrick, formerly of The Backups podcast, and current coach with Jeff Glass Goaltending. He also works at Pro Skate Goal in Calgary.

Nathan and I were all over the place going off on different tangents, talking about podcasting and all that goes into it, talking hockey with goalies, equipment, and coaching. If you’re watching the video of the conversation, it took Nathan about a third of the way into it to realize he didn’t have his camera turned on. Oops! Technical issues aside, he still had some great stories, and insisted that we meet up if we’re ever in the same city at the same time.

Be sure to follow Nathan on Instagram at @natohedrick. Be sure to follow Pro Skate goal on Instagram at @proskategoal, and of course follow Jeff Glass Goaltending on Instagram at @glassgoaltending.

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