For Episode 46 of Tendy Talk presented by the BLPA Podcast Network and The Hockey Podcast Network, I look back on some, but not all, of the highlights from the first full year of the podcast. I severely underestimated how much time this episode would take, not to mention how long it would get. Solely because of how long the episode was getting, I decided to make it the best of the first half of the year episode. I intend to drop the best of the second half of the first year around Christmas time when scheduling gets harder.

When I dropped the first episode with Dustin “Bones” Smith I was worried I wouldn’t make it past 10 episodes. Most podcasts don’t even make it past the first 15 episodes. Flash forward to today and we’re on episode 46, and several more are already planned with guests confirmed. It’s exciting to see what this podcast has turned into and to have watched the listenership grow.

Who knows how long it will last, but as long as I can schedule guests, I’ll keep it going.

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