For Episode 49 of Tendy Talk presented by the BLPA Podcast Network and The Hockey Podcast Network, I chat with the all-time AHL wins by American-born goalie Mike McKenna who played 14 years professional with 22 teams in the NHL, AHL, and AHL. This was a special episode because Mike’s name was one of the names I wrote in a notebook as goalies I’d like to have on the podcast when I first started toying with the idea of Tendy Talk.

Mike and I tackled a number of topics from his recent bike trip across the state of Missouri, to his openness on social media and sharing a photo of him hugging his crying daughters, to the best food cities he has visited. We also touch upon why Syracuse is shit – but still awesome. We only scratched the surface of things to talk about with Mike, and we’re bound to have a follow-up episode or two in the future.

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