For Episode 50 of Tendy Talk presented by the BLPA Podcast Network and The Hockey Podcast Network, I chat with U.S. Army veteran and beer league goalie Ian Humphrey. Ian and I have been following each other on social media for some time, and I even wrote a Behind the Mask feature on him when I first started my blog. I was nice to actually talk with Ian face to face – even if it was a video chat.

On this episode, Ian and I talk about goaltending (of course), his love for the Joker, and more importantly mental health within the ranks of the armed services. Times are thought for many of our active and retired military numbers.

If you are a veteran, or know one that might need some help, be sure to check the resources provided by the VA, Military on Source, and Volunteers of America.

Be sure to follow Ian on social media, and enjoy the episode.



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