100+ Twitter Hockey Influencers that can help you win The Westy

100+ Twitter Hockey Influencers that can help you win The Westy


Hi Westy Nominees! 

We hope you have enjoyed the first few days of Westy Voting. There are people from all over the hockey world sharing and voting. We have compiled a list of over 100 hockey influencers on Twitter that could help you take home the grand prize of $8,000 in new gear and bragging rights. 


The key is you want them to share your link. Connect with them, ask them to share, and most importantly make them want to help you. You don’t want to simply ask them for something and not give them anything in return. You should be following these influencers, sharing their tweets, and contributing to their conversations. BLT is much more willing to help spread the word of listeners that have corresponded with the show before!

One of the biggest NO-NO’s is tagging multiple people at once. If BLT is tagged in a tweet with 10 other accounts we usually ignore it as spam. If someone tweets something like “Hey @beerleague talk, how about a shout out to help us win #TheWesty?”, we are more likely to retweet it.

`Our advice is it’s easier to catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. (That’s what Nick’s grandma used to tell him). In other words, be nice and respectful and you’re more likely to get noticed!  


Without further ado here is 100+ hockey influencers who can help you win The Westy! 

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